About Us

LandscapingFrank Maurer Company is a Family business established in 1956 by Frank J. Maurer and Marianne B. Maurer. Originally farmers in Concord that decide to tackle the excavation industry, they were the first to have the power shift D 8 machine in this Massachusetts area.

As the husband and wife team continued to build a successful business, their two sons, Bruce and F. Jeffrey Maurer grew and so did their interest in pursuing the family business.  Once married their wives joined the family team.  After their Father’s passing the boys officially took the roles as Treasurer and President.  The business expanded in service areas, employee growth, and the fields in which the company excels in handling.

With each employee bringing over 30 years experience in excavation and site work, we have a winning team put together in the excavation industry.  With our expansion into the landscaping industry we have a large employee base bringing you the personal touch and care your yard needs. With the loyalty, hard work and dedication, they too are part of the family business experience.

Lawn BorderAs the company grew, so did Bruce and F. Jeffrey’s interests and their customers needs.  With that, we now have a top of line Landscape division allowing us to take care of a customer from the beginning of the homeowner experience to the finished project.  From finding the customer land or a house, clearing the lot if necessary, doing the site work, developing their land with eye catching landscape design and installation, masonry work, water falls and maintenance of the property to snow plowing to get our customers to where they need to be on time.  If you need it, we can get it done!

What makes us different? We care more than the average business.  We are thinking about you and your property all day, every day even on the weekends.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide you with more ideas for your property and a more efficient business system so everything is easier for you. We know you are busy, either on a budget or there is no budget, but no matter what you want, your property looks amazing.  We want your day to be filled with thoughts about your family, work and other more important things.  We want you to arrive home and admire how beautiful your home is, since you work so hard for it.  We want it to be your retreat from a long day.

No one knows about property like we do.  We have cleared lots, built million dollar spec houses, designed and installed landscape designs that have been in magazines.  During the blizzard of 1978, our customers could always get out of their driveway. Few companies have the drive and passion for their work.  We love what we do and it shows in our work.